How to Allocate Customer Discounts

There are two main ways to allocate a discount to a customer/customer group:

  • Percentage Discount – where a customer is given, for example, a 20% discount off all products sold on the website

Please note:
  • The customer must be logged into the website as a member (using their username and password) to view the special pricing that has been allocated to them
  • The customer must be in the Active Customer list in order for them to log into the website and view their special pricing

How to Allocate a Percentage Discount

  1. In the administration end of the website, click in the Customers tab
  2. Find the customer in either the Active or Inactive Customers list
  3. Click on the Username to view their details
  4. Click on the All tab
  5. In the Discount(%) text box, type in the percentage amount that you wish to discount by, e.g. 20%
  6. This will mean that when the customer is logged in to the website (using their username and password) all product prices will be displayed to them with the specified percentage discount
  7. Click Save to save any changes that you make