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How to Place an Order

  1. To place an order in the marketplaces. Select an item you want to add to your cart.

  2. Go to its product page by clicking on the item image. On the item’s product page, you can see the Qty field and the delivery selection field. Enter the quantity you want to order. And select your region for your delivery.

  3. Select the region you want the item to be delivered to.


    Each region has their own delivery rates
  4. Click on the checkout button in the cart slider to proceed.
  5. On the Checkout page, fill in your details and choose your payment method.

    The checkout page uses Google Places to automatically identify your address and checks which depot among the regions are the closest to your address within a 10-km radius. If the searched location is not available in Google Places, the user will manually enter their location.

    If a user’s searched location is not within the 10-km radius, they should contact their courier to arrange their delivery.
  6. After successfully checking out, you’ll be redirected to your order’s receipt page.