Unleashed Integration

Setting up an Unleashed Integration 

The Zeald-Unleashed integration allows you to monitor your ecommerce site's inventory and create reports easily.  

However, as with other integrations, an additional cost will be required to have this added to your website.  Learn more about Zeald integrations

Once you have purchased the Zeald-Unleashed integration, you need to set it up in the backend of your website.

To do this, select 'Preferences', then 'integration' and click the 'Add integration' button.


Add integration

This brings you to the 'ADD/EDIT INTEGRATIONS' page.  Once here, select Unleashed in the 'Type' field.  This will result in additional fields appearing.



This should describe the integration - something like 'Unleashed connection' will be fine.
If it's a demo integration, then label it 'Unleashed demo connection'; if it's a live integration then label it 'Unleashed live connection'.

API Details

In order for Zeald and Unleashed to pass data between them, the API details of your Unleashed account need to be entered into the integration settings.  

You will need the 'Unleashed API ID' and 'Unleashed API Key' for your Unleashed account. To find these, login to Unleashed and look under the Settings menu for 'Unleashed API Access'. Copy the ID and Key codes from Unleashed and paste them into the corresponding spaces on the website.

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Sync Options

When data should be sent to, and received from Unleashed is determined by what is selected in the 'Sync automatically' field. 

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If 'Manual sync only' is selected, then data will not send or receive unless the 'Sync now' link is clicked - on the integrations page.  Note: Irrespective of the setting in the above field, 'Sync now' can be clicked at any time to force a manual sync.

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'Automatically every 15 minutes' means that every 15 minutes the sync process will run and 'Automatically at midnight' means that it will run once per day, at midnight.

When the sync happens, any new orders, customers, and products (dependent on item settings, as explained further down) are sent to Unleashed.  In return, inventory amounts are received from Unleashed and updated on the associated products (again, dependent on the item settings).  

Error Handling

The field called 'When there is an error syncing, what should we do', determines how any errors that occur on the sync should be communicated.  

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If the option 'ignore the error message' is selected in this field, then any errors are still recorded, however they require the administrator to go into the integration logs to retrieve them.


Sales Orders

order date

We recommend setting this to today's date, which means that all orders from today onwards will be synchronised to Unleashed.

If however you would like to synchronise old orders to Unleashed as well, you can back-date the sync to the date of the oldest order you want to push through to Unleashed. Leave the field blank if you want to push all orders starting from the first order on the site.

advanced pricing

Advanced pricing is not considered a discount on your website however you may want to consider it one on Unleashed.  Doing this would give you a better indication of the profitability of the item.  If so, you should have the 'How to handle items with advanced pricing' set to 'As a discounted item'.  This means that the sales order in Unleashed will be created with the highest website price as the unit price, and the sale price as the Unleashed discounted price.

If you don't want to see this as a discount, you can leave the Advanced pricing setting as 'As a normal product', and the Unleashed sales order will show the actual sale price as both the unit price and discounted price.


How to handle new items


item Unleashed


'When you add an item in Unleashed, what should the website do with it?' determines if anything happens to new Unleashed products during the sync:

  • Ignore it - This means that the website won't try to add the product to the website's product database.
  • Create a hidden website product for it - This means that the website will create a new product, and put it in a new hidden category called 'New Unleashed Items'. The new product will use the Unleashed Product Code for the item SKU, and the Unleashed Product Description for the item title - all other fields will be blank. You will then need to update the item with the additional details necessary and recategorise it into the proper category.
  • Give an error so you can fix manually - This means that an error will come up when synchronising, asking you to resolve the conflict.

product not in unleashed

'When a customer orders a product on the website that's not in Unleashed' determines if anything happens to products that aren't in Unleashed, during the sync:
  • Give an error so you can resolve it manually - This will stop the order from going into Unleashed, and an error will come up. You will need to inspect the order and resolve the discrepancy between the two systems. The product will need to be created in Unleashed before re-syncing the order.
  • Create an incomplete product in Unleashed - This will force the order through from the website to Unleashed, and automatically create the new product in Unleashed. It will be 'incomplete' because it won't have any of the information, like stock levels, in it, which needs to be entered in Unleashed.


One-off product sync



This feature is to be used when you're first setting up the integration, or if you add new products to your website or Unleashed, which need to be synchronised to the other system.

This function ignores the 'Handle New Item' settings and pushes all website products to Unleashed, or pulls any products in Unleashed into the website.

Push website products to Unleashed - RECOMMENDED

This is the easiest way to get products synchronising between the two systems. This function pushes all website products into your Unleashed system - product details include the SKU (product code) & Title. You will then need to update the items in Unleashed to add necessary inventory information.

Pull any website products in Unleashed into the "New Unleashed Products" category

The website will create a new hidden item category called 'New Unleashed Items' and put all of the products from Unleashed into it automatically. This category will not be visible to your customers.

The new products will use the Unleashed Product Code for the item SKU, and the Unleashed Product Description for the item Title - all other fields will be blank. You will then need to update each item with the additional details necessary and recategorise them into their proper categories.


Drop-shipping settings 

You only have to change these settings from the default if you are using Zeald's drop-shipping add on.

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The settings in this section relate to how orders are handled when a user orders an item which is drop-shipped.
  • 'Ignore order lines for drop-shipped products' allows you to choose whether to send orderlines for drop-shipped products to Unleashed, or to specify individual suppliers that should be included. 
  • 'Ignore inventory updates for drop-shipped items' allows you to choose whether the inventory information that Unleashed holds about drop-shipped products should be passed back to the Zeald website upon sync, or specify individual suppliers where inventory information should be passed.