Upsell Component for Shopping Cart

Upselling offers the perfect strategy to increase the amount of money your business earns.
Alternatively, you could use a plugin to automatically place upselling content on the shopping cart. Value is the most important component of any upselling strategy.

ZEST V4 currently has a cross-sell/upsell feature that displays related or promoted items on the product page, designed to persuade a user to purchase an alternate, more expensive version of the product they are viewing. 

When items are added to the cart, a “Recommended for you" upsell section appears, showcasing product recommendations to encourage conversions and gradually increase your customer's average order value. This feature works on desktop and mobile devices.

The cart upsell add-on encourages a user to purchase additional products before they checkout. It offers a perfect strategy not just to increase added order value but also improves customer lifetime value.

To see this feature on a live example check out Ocean Hunter or Kings Seeds.

Upselling is persuading the customer to upgrade their product or buy a more expensive version of it.
It doesn't just increase the average order value; it also increases customer lifetime value. In other words, customers spend more while they remain customers. And this is why it's so important for your business.

Upsell component on the Pop-up Shopping Cart:

And on the checkout screen, the "Recommended for you" remains visible.


To have this feature enabled, please CONTACT our Support Staff to assist you with enabling this feature. We will be able to enable this function to your Zest V4 website for free.

Afterwards once enabled, to set a product as a “Recommended” item to appear on the cart page as an upsell, add a “cart” tag when editing a product:

If a product is out of stock or for enquiry only, it will not appear.