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Subscription Products

Ecommerce subscriptions allow your customers to continuously receive a product or service for a period of time. The subscription automatically charges customers a recurring fee, usually monthly or yearly for access to the product or service.

Consumers are looking for a hassle-free shopping experience, free delivery, and instant gratification. The subscription model serves all those needs!
Subscriptions turn your customers into loyal followers who become reliable sources of recurring revenue.

The key metric with a subscription service is the retention rate. Your primary focus should be on retaining subscribers - not just getting new ones.
Recurring revenue increases the value of your company and makes it more attractive to investors

Turn any product or service into a Subscription
The common subscription categories include products that are regularly consumed, such as self care products, vitamins, apparel, food, or beauty products, seeds, flowers, pet food.
These days, if you sell a product or service, with some creative thought, you can make a successful subscription model.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Create a reliable source of recurring revenue
  • Collect payments automatically Through your Windcave payment gateway


  • Ecommerce website
  • Subscription module
  • Windcave payment gateway
  • For NZ clients at this time

Purchasing a Zest Subscription Product - The Conversion pathway

  1. Choose a subscription product from the Subscriptions Category page or search result
    Subscription products display a SUBSCRIPTION tag over the product image
  2. Choose options and add Subscription product to cart
  3. Check the product in the cart and click on checkout
    A subscription product will show the monthly price while a regular product will only show the price
  4. Type in your details and click on Place order
    Windcave payment method is currently available for recurring subscription billing
  5. You will be redirected to the Windcave payment portal. Type your payment details and click on Submit and click on next on the Approval page
  6. You will be redirected back to the website to view your order receipt
  7. The order confirmation will be sent to your email

Creating a Subscription Product

  1. Go to Items>item tree and click on Add a new item
  2. Choose the category where you want to add the item (Subscription) and click Add
  3. Under Product Type, choose Subscription. Fill in the details. Click on Save
  4. Go to your created product and click on Edit item
  5. Click on Subscription
  6. Click on the SKU of the product
  7. The user will have the option to update the name of the product and change the price which will be charged every month
  8. The product page will indicate that this is a subscription product and the monthly fee ($47.00)


How do I process subscription orders?

  • The same process applies to both subscription and regular products

What happens on the Subscription’s due date?

  • Zest automatically generates an order on the subscription's due date and is recorded on the backend as an order

Is the order invoice generated and emailed to the customer?

  • Yes, once the orders have been processed, an email will be sent to the customer

What happens if the customer calls the site owner and says they want to cancel

  • The customer can cancel their subscription on the account page
  • The merchant can log in to the back end and manually cancel the subscription.

What happens if the transaction is declined?

  • If a payment is declined, the system will send a notification email to the customer
  • The subscription will be cancelled after 3 failed attempts

What happens if the customer’s credit card is expired

  • Customers can check the status of their payment details on the My Account page
  • They can Add/Edit or Remove an existing payment method.(Future Update)

Demo Zest Subscription: Goodrich Farm