Merchant Product List & Editor

Merchants can now effectively manage their synced products through their dashboard. The products are listed in a table showing a product’s SKU, title, categories, price, status, options, inventory, and an edit text button.


The ‘Edit Product’ page has four tabs: General, Advanced Pricing, Promotion, and the Options page.

General - Consists of the general details of the product, the product name, category, product description, product image, price, weight, inventory, product status, tags, and additional data.

Advanced Pricing - Allows merchants to set up different pricing based on the quantity purchased by a customer.

Promotion - This allows the merchant to set up promotions for their product. Examples of promotions include SALE, Hot, Daily Deals, and New. The merchant can set a date for when the promotion will run.

Options -This allows a merchant to set up variations of a product. Variations can be the size, colour, or other characteristics of a product.