How to Process Orders / Change Order Status

Please note: the following applies if you are using the new version of the order page. To upgrade, go to any order in your website and click 'switch to the new version'. See more information below the flowchart.

Order process

Edit, add and remove order status

If you want to change the status of your order but not ship yet, you can do so in the Order Status drop-down list. The same can be done for each individual item using the item order Status drop-down. You can create additional statuses at the bottom of the list and save them for future use. You can delete and manage these statuses at Preferences > Order Processing. The system statuses (Shipped, Partially Shipped, Waiting for credit check and Canceled) cannot be removed.

order status editor

Ship the order

When you're ready to ship the order or certain items within the order, click on the order to open it, then click the blue button at the very bottom right hand side  'Create a shipment for this order'

1. Select items - tick 'All remaining items' if you're shipping all items together, or this order is partially shipped and you want to ship the remaining items. Leave this unticked if you want to select which item you would like to ship. The quantity will default to that which has been ordered, but you can decrease this number if you don't have all the stock available at the time of shipment.


2. Who's delivering it? - Enter courier details here. You can add new couriers at the bottom of the drop-down list (you can delete courier under Preferences > Delivery).


3. Email the customer - If ticked, the customer will be sent a shipping notification email upon saving the shipment. You can change the email address as well as subject & message if you want to put something more specific in those fields.

Tick 'Include the full details of the original order' if you would like the table of ordered items to show in the email - the same table which is shown in the automated order notification email when the customer places their order. You can also opt to send yourself a copy - the copy will be sent to the primary email address, as specified in the contact settings for the website.


4. Update the order's status - this allows you to let the website update the status to 'shipped' or 'partially shipped', depending on whether you shipped all items or not. Tick 'Archive the order' if you want to move order to the Archived Orders section (recommended, if you've shipped all items).


Click Save and the order will be updated and emails sent out. If you selected to automatically update the status then you don't need to Save the order again, unless you've made additional changes.

Your new shipment will appear under the Shipments heading where you can also view the email that was sent to the customer.

Add notes

Below the shipments area you can add notes to the order for your own reference - these are for your own reference, not for the customer.

Once you've made all the changes you want, click Save. You'll be asked whether you want to email the client to notify them of the changes to their order.

Additional functions

There are three buttons at the bottom of the page which allow you to do the following:
Archive - this will move the order into the Archived Orders section
Delete - this will completed remove the order from the website - there is no 'Deleted Orders' section so don't delete the order unless you're sure you'll never need it.
Cancel - sets the status to canceled and automatically moves it to the Archived Orders section

Note: if you are using the drop shipping add-on, suppliers will automatically be emailed when you save - unless you edit the status of the order to be Waiting, Canceled or Waiting for credit check.