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Customer Groups

You are able to segment your customers into different groups of your choosing. This is of particular value when used in conjunction with Email Marketing Campaigns. Different customer groups are able to be targeted with specific messages or promotions. For example, customers may be put into groups depending on region, products they are interested in, high spending customers, new customers, VIP customers, members, etc.

 How to Create a New Customer Group

  1. In the administration end of the website, click on the Customers tab
  2. Click on the Customer Groups tab
  3. Click on the New Group tab
  4. Type in the name of your new group into both the Code and Group Name text boxes, e.g. "New Customers 2011". The code is used as the unique identifier for this group, so it is less confusing if this is the same as the Group Name
  5. Set the Parent Group to Top
  6. Type in a Description of the group if required. This is for your information only (i.e. it will not be displayed to the customers), so you may wish to describe what type of customers are in the group, or leave blank
  7. Next, select the Group Type – For the majority of the time you will be emailing customers, so you must select Public. This will ensure that any email marketing campaigns that get sent to that group have an Unsubscribe disclaimer at the bottom of the email
  8. Leave Subscribe Text blank
  9. Click Save
  10. You will now see the Group List, it displays the names of all of the groups that have been created and the Count column tells you how many customers are in each group
Please note: It is important to always give customers the option to unsubscribe from emails. This will build your credibility and the customer's trust in your business

How to View which Customers are in a Particular Group

  1. In the administration end of the website, click on the Customers tab
  2. You are now looking at the Active customers list
  3. At the top right of the list, select the group that you are interested in from the Group Filter dropdown, e.g. "New Customers 2011"
  4. Click the Search button
  5. You will now see the customers that are in selected group. The Groups column tells you in which groups each customer is in
  6. To return to the full list, select All from the Group Filter drop down and click Search