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Abandoned Payments

This page shows a list of customers who did not complete payment for their order. This may be because they abandoned the order at the payment stage (eg. closed their browser) or because they were unable to complete payment (eg. closed their browser or had internet/computer connection issues). If the customer contacts you, or there is any fault with the order processing on your website, you can find and manually complete the order from this list. Once you do that it will go into the Pending Orders tab. 

Paypal payments often fall into the Abandoned Payments tab - this is simply because many customers close the Paypal window once the transaction is complete, rather than waiting for Paypal to redirect them, or manually clicking, back to your website.

Abandoned payments only appear in this list 30 minutes after the customer tried to make the order.
It is essential that you confirm that you have actually received payment before you manually complete an order from this list.

You can access the Abandoned payments tab under the Orders tab