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Shopbot is a new application developed by Izzybots and Zeald. It connects a ZEST or GEM eCommerce website to Facebook Messenger and allows a user to navigate and purchase products via Facebook Messenger.

This application is especially important for countries like the Philippines where locals can access Facebook and the Messenger app for free through a partnership with Facebook and the local network provider Globe Telecom. The eCommerce bot will allow a large number of users to browse and shop online with 0 data costs.

Automate Conversations

Shopbot allows businesses to automate their selling approach on social media like Facebook. Using Facebook Messenger to integrate into their website up to taking care of customers' transactions, questions, and messages on their Facebook pages. It acts as a seller and assistant to every customer of the business by:

  • selling products to customers
  • sending abandoned shopping cart reminders
  • tracking delivery packages
  • responses to FAQs & customers' messages

It will instantly reply to a user who is interacting with it through FB messenger. Shopbot also has a conversational way of interacting with the customers enhancing customers' journey and experience to the business.

Sell products through Shopbot

Increases Sales

Since Shopbot automates business-to-customers engagement in a website and social media. It doesn't leave a customer once he/she leaves a website the customer can still access the business' products through Shopbot on his/her Facebook Messenger. This increases sales and customer retention:

  • drive activity and awareness of sales and promotions
  • new leads and greater brand awareness
  • advocates share content-campaigns with their friends & family
  • automate follow-up question to ask if people have anything else they'd like help with (assistance)