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Chatbot - Ability to Customise the Chatbot messaging

After we released the first Izzybots Core into the wild, one of the first requests we received from a client was the ability to “customise and change the chatbot conversation”.

Clients can now add their own ‘voice’ to their Chatbot to personalise the conversation, enhancing their brand. Giving a chatbot a voice and personality can help make the experience more ‘human’, creating an engaging and interactive user experience.

This feature required us to separate the Chatbot conversations from the base code and move them to an external repository unique to each client. This generates more flexibility and allows us to customise Izzybots Core without impacting the core codebase.

A Zeald developer will be able to edit the different bot messages for a client as customisation.


For more information about how the Chatbot works, kindly check this link: How it works