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Shopbot Tinker - Demo Web App

Shopbot Tinker is a testing web application for Shopbot's demo sessions to new clients. It acts as a Facebook Messenger with the client's catalog connected to it to show how Shopbot works.

The usual process in setting up a Shopbot demo for a client is to create a new fake Facebook page and do the whole Shopbot setup process using the fake Facebook page.

The process is too hard to execute. No one does this, and the team ends up testing the client's Facebook page. It is not ideal, especially on the client's side causing irritations and frustrations when they can't communicate well with their customers. When they find bugs or the bot doesn't work the way they want.


R&D has built and optimised Shopbot Tinker for its testing. It was recently updated to make it simple, easy to use, and mimic how Shopbot works in an actual Facebook Messenger.

It is now available to production staff and clients for testing live GEM/Zest sites.


Shopbot Tinker is available to all clients that had set up Shopbot using the admin. They can now access it at any time.