Import Products by spreadsheet via Merchant Portal

Connecting your store to the Marketplace opens up a lot of opportunities for you and your business. Here at Zest Marketplace, it’s easy to add your products to your website.

Importing Products from a spreadsheet

You may download a copy of the excel spreadsheet here or you can export a copy of your products which you can use as a template.
  1. On the Merchant Dashboard. Click on the Products tab.
  2. Once on the Products tab, click on Import/Export
  3. Choose the excel file of your products and click on Upload products
  4. It will take you to the Data Importer page where you can check the products that will be imported. Click on Import this data to start the import process.
  5. Click Ok on the warning and click Finish once it’s done importing
  6. This will reload the page and it will show the updated number of your current products
  7. To View your products, click on the Products Tab