Connect your Zest and GEM Websites

  1. Sign in first to your Zest/GEM website as an admin to proceed with connecting your Zest website to Zest Marketplace.
  2. In your merchant dashboard, go to the Next steps section and choose “Connect your website or add products”.
  3. Click on the Connect website button.
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  4. A validation pop-up will appear to validate your request to connect, click on the Connect now button to proceed.
  5. Wait for the system to process your connection request. You will be redirected to your Zest admin site to approve the connection of the Zest Marketplace there.
  6. Your Zest website admin area will be loaded, and you’ll be asked to approve the connection request. Click on the Approve button to approve the connection request.
  7. After the connection is approved, you will be redirected to your merchant dashboard page on the Zest Marketplace website.
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Next step

How to sync your Zest products to Zest Marketplace