Accommodation - Reservation - Booking Systems

Accommodation - Reservation - Booking Systems

The Zeald e-commerce system is not an accommodation, reservation, bookings or property management system.  If you offer the facility for website users to book accommodation, or make reservations, then there are a number of areas in which the Zeald e-commerce system would need to be adapted:
  • Booking on behalf of others.  Typically one person makes the booking, but may also book also for other people (guests)
  • The graphical display of resource availability and rates, e.g. rooms available and seasonal rates.
  • E-confirmation.  Sending an electronic booking confirmation to the customer upon booking
  • Property / Resource Management.  The facility to manage the various resources that can be booked.
  • Reservation Management.  Tracking, Managing and reporting on the bookings made, including the facility to handle reservation cancellations and transfers.

Zeald Solution:

Zeald does not offer reservation management software.  We can provide a link or in some cases a 'widget' on your website that connects to the Reservation Management web portal of your choice.  Speak with our support team or your e-business consultant for more information.
You can use a third party accommodation software provider (see below) and either:
  • Link a button or text on your website to the accommodation provider's website 
  • OR iFrame the accommodation provider's page onto a page within your website

Third Party Solutions:

There are a number of online reservation systems available.  Depending on your industry you may find there is a reservation system tailored to your needs. For example offers a system specifically designed for individuals offering holiday accommodation.  In New Zealand, major software providers in this reservations space include  For bookings systems and offer online appointment booking software.

Note that data captured by a third party solution will not integrate in any way with your Zeald website - data will exist in a separate database which will need to be managed independently from your Zeald website.  Note that Zeald does not support third party products, contact the third party software provider for support.