Production team

Zeald Production Department

The other people working behind the scenes

Put simply, the Production Department makes websites! We will take the design that you have approved with your e-business consultant and our designers and turn it into a website that will help you get results online. Here's a quick overview of what we do:

  • Website build and test
  • If you have a live website, and want what we call an 'Add-On' such as email marketing or blogs added to your site, we will arrange this
  • Website Customisations and Web Solutions. We can create custom software for your website.


  • These guys are the backbone of Zeald.


We interpret your ideas and preferences from your website plan and create a concept visual for how we think your website should look. We work with you to make any changes, and ensure that you understand the design and that you are happy with the way it looks, before it is developed.

Our design team...

  • Are of course creative and highly skilled graphic designers, to ensure that your website design stands out from your competitors and conveys the image you want your customers to have of your business.
  • Is well trained and experienced in Usability, to ensure the website we build for you is easy for your customers to find the information and answers they seek.
  • Understand how the website manager software functions and how to best fit the design to ensure that the content is easy for you to manage and change in the future.
  • Understands how search engines work and the impact the design has upon the results, to ensure that your website welcomes search engine spiders and provides them with all the information they need to index your website accurately
  • Understand website persuasion and how users navigate to ensure our designs are persuasive, and compelling
  • A great design from the beginning will give your website a headstart, from the day it goes live, but of course you should be continually improving the content and design along the way: Test, Measure, Tune - and we are always here if you need design help in the future.


In a typical week, you'll find us doing everything it takes to build the Zeald brand using advertising, social media, affiliate marketing and email marketing. We also organise the free Zeald seminars and manage the program so it runs smoothly year after year. We work with the sales team closely to make sure that our sponsorship program (where we sponsor not-for-profit websites) is also running in line with our objectives. We basically do all the ground work necessary to connect with as many businesses as possible - we want everyone know who we are and how exactly we can help them with their website needs. We are also the go-to-team when you really need chocolate... or a laugh.


The Sales team is Marketing's sister arm, we go hand in hand like coffee and Monday mornings. The internal sales team work together with our expert team of E-Business Consultants (EBC's) located around the country who provide consultation and sales services to the myriad of businesses we work with. The internal team provide training, support and guidance to the E-Business Consultants so that they can focus on bringing in new business and add real value to businesses they come in contact with. Every time we hear from someone that needs a new website, we assign the enquiry to one of the team in the field (our EBC's) so the customer can be assured of a fast and professional service. If a sale is made, we also make sure that the processing of the sale takes place seamlessly and we get the process of designing and building a website under-way.

We also have the reputation for being easily excitable.

Product Development

The product team is continually working on the core software and systems that drives Zeald. We are continually releasing new features to all our existing clients, and if there's a feature you think would help make the Zeald system much better for anyone, we'd love to hear about it, just email your suggestion through to