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Knowledge Base

It is not a customisation to upload and link to documents using all versions of the Zeald CMS system - here is a link to the help topic

An articles / knowledge base system goes further than the simple upload and display of documents and allows you to manage your documents, including the following features:
  • Document Management.  The facility to view, add, modify and delete articles
  • Document Security.  Articles are available only to authorised users
  • The facility to load searchable text with documents.  Note that because the Zeald system does not index documents for searching, you will need to manually copy and paste article text in order to make the article text available for search
  • Document meta-data.  The facility to load extra fields of information against articles such as author, publication date and so on
  • Document search.  The facility to search for document keywords, or search by meta data

Note that if you require advanced document management features such as document revision control, then you will need to investigate commercial document management systems - more information in this customisation article.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: Catalogue
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website):
The cost will depend on your requirements; expect estimates to start from $5,000
Customisation Example:
New Zealand Business Round Table Website

Third Party Solutions:

Because this is an integrated solution, no third party solution is available