Listings / Marketplace


A common online concept is to set up a website that connects a group of buyers to a group of sellers.  We call this a 'listings' or 'marketplace' website.  The most well known NZ 'listings' website is (connecting sellers of new and used goods with buyers), or in Australia.  Other well known listings websites include (connecting employers with job seekers) and (connecting people offering holiday accommodation to holiday makers).  Features of listings websites can include:
  • Authorised website users can post listings, sometimes for a fee
  • Website viewers can view listings and enquire directly to the person listing the item or service
  • Listings are categorised (e.g. by region, by listing type) and are searchable
  • Statistics are collected on listings such as page views and enquiries are available to the website administrator
  • Banner advertising
  • Custom systems for the listers and viewers of listings are often required, such as custom reports, custom emails to be sent and so on.
Important Note:  The Zeald solution can support charging users a fee for listing a product or service on your website.  However the products or services themselves listed on the website will be 'enquiry only'.  The Zeald system does not support the selling of goods or services in a Listings / Marketplace website.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: Catalogue (ecommerce required if a 'pay to list' system is required)
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website): This will depend on your requirements.  Expect estimates to start from $25,000.
Example customisations:

Third Party Solutions:

Because of the highly individual nature of listings websites, no third party systems are currently known to be available.