Custom Form

Custom Form

A custom data capture form collects data from website users, this data can then be used for administrative purposes, or, with further customisation, displayed in some way on the website.  Note that if you want to create your own forms, you may wish to consider the form builder add on.  The form builder product will allow you to create a basic data capture form. 

In some cases you may wish to have a more highly designed, or complex form, or you may wish to display the results of user data captured in some way; in these cases you may require a Custom Form designed and built for you.  Data captured by the custom form will be stored in the administrative area of your website, and if desired an email containing some or all of the custom data can be sent to the website administrator.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: promotion
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website):
  • A basic Email Form can be set up by Web Admin, charged at their hourly rate.  This applies if there is no information that needs to be saved on the backend, no fields that are dependent on others and / or no in-form calculations.  Noted that there is of course no design included in this either.
  • A more complex form requiring design and / or in-form calculations can cost between $1,200 and $2,000 per form
  • If data is captured via multiple screens, i.e. in a 'wizard' format, then you should budget on estimates starting from $1,200 per screen
  • If you want the data captured in the custom form or forms to be displayed live on the website then this will require further customisation - the price will depend on your requirements, but you should expect estimates to start from $2,000 for the data display alone.

Example customisations:
Direct FX - Application Form

Third Party Solutions:

There are various 'Form Builder' websites available online.  Also, Google documents contains a 'Forms' component.

Note that data captured by a third party  solution will not integrate in any way with your Zeald website - data will exist in a separate database which will need to be managed independently from your Zeald website.  Note that Zeald does not support third party products, contact the third party software provider for support.