Third party products that integrate with Zeald "out of the box"

Third party products that integrate with Zeald "out of the box"

We believe the future of business applications is an "ecosystem" of simple online tools that "Plug & play" together. You can construct complex powerful solutions using a combination of "best of breed" hosted solutions.

We work with 
  • Unleashed Inventory management software that Xero accounting software and coming soon, VendHQ a cloud based POS system
They connect with the Zeald ecommerce website solution via our API.

Quick, simple, cheap

This plug and play system means that you have many specialist companies working for you, providing specialist applications for you that creates a single powerful system.

While these applications might lack some of the features of their "offline" cousins, they are young and evolving very quickly.


With all data integration, it is important to realise that not all information can flow between the two systems.  For instance, a Zeald website has hundreds of different pieces of information: orders, enquiries,  items, inventory, options, customers, customer groups, content, components and more.   An accounting system or inventory control system will have different information.  The integration between these two systems will often be very simple: for instance, the integration between your website and an accounts system might simply involve orders being raised as invoices in the accounts system.  

With a standard integration addon: generally only a small proportion of the information will flow between the two systems: the information that the providers of the system consider will satisfy the most number of peoples needs.  You may find that you need to adapt your business to fit around the features provided, rather than expecting it to be tailor made to your needs, just as with any standardised product.  If a tailor made solution is what you need, you probably need custom integration, which is considerably more expensive and difficult.