Bulk Product Import Spreadsheet Customisation to Import Product Options

Bulk Product Import Spreadsheet Customisation to Import Product

The standard Zeald Website Administration bulk 'Product Importer' allows you to import your product inventory into your website from a spreadsheet that is in csv or Microsoft Excel format (there is a help article on this).  This spreadsheet format does not support the importing of products options (read more about product options). 

If you have a large number of products to import, and your products have product options associated with them, then we can apply a customisation to allow you to enter these product options onto a customised data import spreadsheet.  You can then import your products, including product options using this spreadsheet.  You will also be able to use this spreadsheet to maintain your product inventory - i.e. you can export your products to this custom format spreadsheet, make bulk updates on the spreadsheet and then re-import the spreadsheet.

The exported spreadsheet will have the following details:  
  • Product Code - Code for the product option (e.g. 00967-colour, if the item comes in different colours) 
  • SKU - The product's main SKU (e.g. 00967)
  • Option Group - The product's variation (e.g. colour and size) NOTE:   Do not use general coding names, such as "type" as this can cause errors when adding items to the cart.  Also, make sure that the option group name doesn't have spaces.  
  • Sort -  Shows how product options can be sorted.  It can be in increments of 10 (10, 20, 30) or 1 (1, 2, 3)
  • Label - Shows how the product option will appear on your website.  
  • Value - Your assigned code for each product variant.  (e.g. 00967-B=Black).  Ensure that the option codes in the Value column does not contain special characters and spaces.  
  • Widget - Allows you to set how the product variant can be selected on the product page.  Choose Radio if you want the variant options to be displayed as radio buttons.  Choose Select if you want the variants to be displayed in a drop-down menu.  
  • Height, Weight and Width - Displays the items' dimensions.   You can leave these columns blank.  
  • Description - Description of the option. 
  • Price - Lets you set the price for each variant (e.g. B=10,W=15)
  • Thumb - Thumbnail image for each variant. 
  • Display Type -  Allows you to set how multiple variants will appear on your site.  Choose  Separate  if you want your variants to show up as separate options.
  separate display options
Choose  Single if you want the variants combined (e.g. Choose Single if you want to combine your variants into one option.  E.g. 300ml, Black)

Note:  The customisation does not include the actual data entry of items  into this spreadsheet or the formatting and upload of images.  You will need to allocate sufficient time and resource to this task for the data import process to be successful.  You may wish to purchase Content Coordination in addition to this customisation.

Note:  Using the custom spreadsheet requires a good degree of computer literacy and a knowledge of spreadsheet formatting

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: catalogue

A Single Small Change fee of $79 for 30 minutes or less work.


Third Party Solutions:

No third party solutions are available.

Bulk Importing and Exporting Options

Once you have purchased this feature, you can now begin bulk importing and exporting product options.  To import product options:
  • Click the Import Options tab (If you can't find the Import Options tab, you can find it as a sub-tab in the Items tab.
Step 1-705
  • Select the file type of the spreadsheet, then click Choose File.  
Step2 import  
  • Select the file, then click Open.
Step3a import
  • Click Step4 import.
  • Edit the columns accordingly in the Insert Column As... section.  
edit columns-298 
  • Once done, click Step6 import.   NOTE:   A warning may appear, stating that changes cannot be undone once the file has been imported.  Click OK  to proceed. 
 Step7 import
  • Once import is done, click Step8.
Step8 import

To export product options:
  • Click the Export Options  tab. 
 Step 1 export-364
  • Select the file type, then click Export options.  
step2 export