GST Deduction for International Orders

GST Deduction for International Orders

Most website owners selling items that can be delivered overseas require their overseas (outside of NZ) deliveries to exclude the NZ GST.  In this case the website administrator is required to load up all items with GST Exclusive pricing, plus setup GST rates for any countries they wish to charge GST for.   This is standard functionality and does not require a customisation

If however you wish to use GST inclusive pricing then a customisation may be able to be added to the website that will allow NZ users to see the item prices inclusive of GST and international users to see item pricing exclusive of GST. This would carry through to the cart/checkout.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: promotion
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website):
  • A basic customisation will be applied that checks the IP address of the user browsing the website, based on that IP address, if it is in NZ, the prices will display inclusive of GST, if their IP address is not an NZ IP address, the prices will display exclusive of GST. The cost of this customisation will depend on your exact requirements around the display and treatment of GST.
Please note
  • If a user is browsing the website from an International IP address and makes a purchase that is to be delivered to NZ, GST will be added to the order during the checkout process on the cart page.
  • Prices will display as NZD inclusive or exclusive of GST, if you require the pricing to display in different currencies, please investigate our Multi Currency Support module.
  • The price of this customisation will increase based on the base system it is being built on. E.g. custom sites, sites using advanced options, sites using multi-currency, sites that use delivery methods based on price or use coupons based on percentage of order total will cost more to enable the above customisation.
  • This feature has been requested on our Feature Suggestion Forums, please vote for it there; as the demand increases it maybe considered for development as part of our base system
  • Whether the customisation is possible or not will depend on the client's exact requirements.

Example customisations:
Top Gear