Workflow Solution

Workflow Solution

A workflow solution is software designed to break a business operation or a project into various components and tasks.  For example, a clothing manufacturing company may take online orders; these orders will trigger tasks for production to fulfil the orders, for customer services to do any necessary follow up, for sales to adjust sales forecasts if necessary and so on.  The various tasks generated can then be listed in workflow 'queues', be emailed to the necessary personnel, or any of a number of other functions performed.

Zeald Solution:

We will be happy to make any necessary customisations to the enquiry or e-commerce functions of your website, to allow integration with your chosen workflow solution.  However we do not currently provide workflow / business management / project management software solutions.  Your Zeald e-business consultant will be happy to advise you of the various options available in this area.

Third Party Solutions:

Depending on your industry, there may be a custom written solution already developed.  Alternatively many different workflow / project management / task management solutions exist.  Talk to your IT provider about options.