A Business Management solution is software used by a company to conduct its business operations, from sales through production and customer support, and possibly other spheres of operation.  This often encompasses a Customer Relations Management System (CRM).  Sometimes this solution is put online and made available to staff, customers and suppliers, in which case such a system would be said to have an 'extranet' component.

Zeald Solution:

We will be happy to make any necessary customisations to the enquiry or e-commerce functions of your website, to allow integration with your chosen CRM or Business Management Solution.  In addition we may be able to provide a system that integrates data between your Zeald website and your chosen third party software. However we do not currently provide Business Management, CRM or extranet / intranet solutions.

Third Party Solutions:

Depending on your industry, there may be a custom written solution already developed.  Alternatively many different business management and CRM solutions exist; for example is a well regarded web based CRM system.  Talk to your IT provider about options.