Zest Webhooks

Webhooks are some of the ways web applications can communicate with each other, allowing you to send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs.

These are basically user defined HTTP callbacks (or small code snippets linked to a web application) that are triggered by specific events. Once a trigger event occurs in the source site, the webhook sees the event, collects the data, and sends it to the URL you specified in the form of an HTTP request.

ZEST webhooks allow an external application such as MESH to subscribe to certain events within ZEST, such as: New Order Update, New User Update. When one of these events is triggered, ZEST will post the event data to the application. For example: When an order is placed in ZEST, relevant data such as items purchased, order number, or total order value, etc. is sent to Mesh. Mesh can then pass on the data to another third party app such as Xero or Vend.

Unlike the API connection, ZEST webhooks automatically pushes the data out to a third-party application. This saves the third party app from having to continually check (poll) for any updates from ZEST, which causes delays and uses server resources unnecessarily.

If you want this feature, please contact the support team at this number 0508 932 748 ext 1. email: support@zeald.com or you can also discuss this matter with your Digital Business Strategist.