Product Builder

Product Builder

A 'Product Builder' enables website users to build their own product from a pre-defined set of components, with a graphical representation of the product as it is being 'built'. 

Note that you can display a selection of options applicable to a product in drop down lists, using standard product option functionality.  If you have a ecommerce+ Zeald website, and therefore have 'Advanced Options' available to you then on a product level the item image can change depending on which options are selected - again this is not a customisation (but a B2B website is required).

A 'Product Builder', as we are defining it here, is the facility to take the user through a series of 'steps' - with each step the user selects how to configure the product, and an image of the product as it is currently configured is displayed.  To take an example from the online / gaming world, some sites will allow you to construct your own character or 'avatar', by selecting their skin colour, hair style, accessories etc; with each choice you make the character will immediately change.  If you can envisage this process, but applied to a product, then this is what we are defining here as a 'Product Builder

Zeald Solution:

Whether such a customisation is possible, and if so the cost of this customisation, will depend entirely on your requirements.  Contact your Zeald e-business consultant for more information.


Third Party Solutions:

Because of the full integration needed with the base Zeald website, no third party solutions are available.