Fixed price products

Fixed price products


Including new websites, Redesigns and Responsive design

Broken into stages:

  1. Plan: Estimated time 5 days
  2. Initial design: Estimated 5 days
  3. Design review: Estimated 5 days
  4. Development: Estimated 5 days. Milestone design approval
  5. Content loading: Estimated 5 days
  6. Launch: Estimated 24 hrs

Minimum: Estimated 5 weeks +

These estimated timelines are dependant on a number of variables, such as

  • our schedule & availability,
  • your schedule & availability,
  • number of changes and reviews,
  • supply of required files such as logos or copy
  • third party input

If you require an urgent website build, or you have a specific date you need to launch, please discuss the option of fast track project management with your consultant

Upgrades and addons

Such as Slideshow, forums, blogs, Product options...... Generally within 5 working days Can take longer depending on the complexity of the addon and if your input is required. ie structure and preferences for a blog. Some addons are also dependant on the website being built and if design if is required such as email marketing.