PDF Catalogue

PDF Catalogue

Some customers find it helpful to be able to generate a printable catalogue of selected products based on the products that are displayed on their website.  In these cases our customisation team can develop a PDF catalogue that sources data from your website inventory and produces a printable catalogue

Note that the PDF generation software we will use to produce this customisation is not a full publishing solution.  The final PDF catalogue will be in a very basic, 'list' format.  All pages will have identical formatting.  Because of the large amount of data processing involved, requests you make for updated catalogues will be processed overnight, and catalogues will be available the next morning.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: catalogue
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website): $3,500

Third Party Solutions:

An alternative solution is to use Data Integration to download your website product data to a location of your choosing, and then use a third party software company to generate a catalogue from the downloaded data.  Speak to your IT provider for more details.