Secure Data Display Area

Secure Data Display Area

A 'Secure Data Display Area' is the facility to display custom data to authorised users who log in to the secure area on your website.  Sometime this data is transaction data e.g. financial transaction history.  Often this feature is combined with some form of data integration, so that transactions are automatically uploaded to the Zeald website.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: Promotion.
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website): From $2,500  for a single screen of custom data.  (Excludes any integration required)


Third Party Solutions:

If you already have an area where the data is displayed you may wish to simply link your Zeald website to the website that is displaying the data.  Alternatively a third part software developer may be able to develop the data display area, which you can then link to from your Zeald site.

Note that data captured by a third party  solution will not integrate in any way with your Zeald website - data will exist in a separate database which will need to be managed independently from your Zeald website.  Note that Zeald does not support third party products, contact the third party software provider for support.