Every business has 'fans' - or people who promote that business to others.  An affiliate module allows you to track who is referring your website online, and reward the referrers financially.

The Zeald affiliates module is customised to your exact needs, and is based on an affiliates 'framework' that we have implemented for a number of customers.  Under this framework, you enter your affiliates into your database, and provide an area on your website where these affiliates can log in and download resources such as banner advertising.  The affiliates then place this advertising on their websites, and click throughs to your website, as well as any purchases made by referred customers, are tracked.  You can view statistics on how your affiliates are performing in the admin area of your website.

Affiliates can be paid in different ways; they can be rewarded for click throughs (the number of people that clicked onto your website from the affiliates website), or they can be rewarded for enquires or sales made.  The Zeald Affiliates Framework will track all affiliate activities, however the actual payment to affiliates is not handled - you will need to make and track payments to affiliates manually.

Zeald Solution:

Minimum base website required: promotion.
Customisation Estimate (excludes cost of base Zeald website): From $8,000

Third Party Solutions:

There are various third party affiliate systems available online.

Note that data captured by a third party  solution will not integrate in any way with your Zeald website - data will exist in a separate database which will need to be managed independently from your Zeald website.  Note that Zeald does not support third party products, contact the third party software provider for support.