Multiple Language Translation

Multiple Language Translation

A reasonably common customisation request is for a website to display in two or more languages. 

Solution 1. Google Translate
This is a free solution which we recommend trying first, before opting for a customisation.
Click here to find out more information on setting this up.
Solution 2.  No top navigation
You can implement a content only solution (i.e. without the display of products or e-commerce functionality) without customisation - using this method.

Refer to for a good example of this system in use.  In this solution the website has no top menu.   A completely separate section of the website is developed for each target language, and a link on the home page directs people to the homepages in the target languages.  All links within a language section refer to content within that language section.

Solution 3.  Create top level content pages in your target languages
We can customise the website so that there are multiple top-level menus, each for a different country. Which menu you see depends on which language you've selected, with the default being English. 

Refer to for a good example of this system in use.  A top level page is created for each language.  Then the content pages, translated to the applicable language, are created and inserted under each language.

Note that for both solutions, the website footer will need to either be hidden, or translated into all target languages.

Limitations / Important points to note.
  • The above solutions apply to e-profile websites only, as they apply only to content.  If you have products or e-commerce functionality that needs to display in multiple languages then please see the below section 'e-commerce solution'
  • The website admin area or 'back-end' will be in English
  • We do not have an 'auto-translate' system available.  You will need to translate all content into a separate duplicate page for each language

E-commerce Solution

The Zeald base system is english based.  All buttons ('add to cart', 'checkout' etc) are in english, all system messages are in english, all system pages (cart page, checkout page etc) are in english, emailed order confirmation is in english, and so on. To transform the base system into a language other than English is not possible.  Therefore Zeald cannot at this time offer ecommerce website functionality in any language other than English.

Contact your Zeald e-business consultant for further information.

Third Party Solutions:

Because of the full level of integration with the Zeald base system required, no third party solutions are available.