Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Sometimes referred to as 'Content Workflow', Content Moderation is the facility to allocate editorial rights to website contributors, and to review content changes before they are published live.  For example a website administrator could give rights to an editor to edit all website pages, but only create new pages in a specified section of the website; or  give to a contributor 'new page' permission but not 'page delete' permission.

In some cases the website administrator would require a list of requested changes, and would approve or modify changes before publishing these changes live.

Revision Control

Revision Control is the facility to have previous versions of web pages saved in a database.  This database of previous web page versions can be searched and viewed, and if desired a previous page version can be restored, replacing the current page version.

Zeald Solution

The Zeald Content Management System does not have Content Moderation or Revision Control functionality.  These features are also not currently available as customisations.

Note that as standard practice we make regular back ups of your website.  If you do accidentally delete content, or make unwanted changes, we can restore this backup under our Website Backup Restore service.

Note that at the time of writing, both Content Moderation and Revision Control are listed as Zeald product feature requests in our Feature Suggestion Forum


Third Party Solutions:

Because deep integration with the Zeald base system is required, no third part solutions are available.