Document Management System

Document Management System

It is not a customisation to upload and link to documents using all versions of the Zeald CMS system - here is a link to the help topic

Zeald can also implement an articles system as a customisation.

A documents management system goes further than the basic management of documents, and introduces some or all of the following concepts:
  • Distribution and Publication.  Document Management Systems allow documents to be distributed to authorised recipients in a managed way
  • Revision Control (Versioning). Revision Control is a process by which documents are checked in or out of the document management system, allowing for the managed application of document changes by multiple users.  This feature also allows users to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point.
  • Auditing.  The tracking of changes made to documents, when the changes were made and by whom

Zeald Solution:

We would not implement a fully featured document management system.  We believe that Document Management Systems are the domain of specialist software, and you would be best to investigate the various software solutions commercially available, these products often have thousands of development hours 'pre-built' into the product.


Third Party Solutions:

Various document management systems are available commercially.  Google documents is a robust, simple document management system which is currently available at no charge