Unleashed - Inventory management

We work with Unleashed Inventory management software. They connect with the Zeald ecommerce website solution via our API. They also connect to Xero accounting software and VendHQ a cloud based POS system.

It is almost instant to setup a Zeald connection. You will need an ecom+ website or the Data integration Addon

Unleashed have provided many successful connections with Zeald clients including: Medical House, Pregoli B2B companies based down in Christchurch, also Bolt of cloth.

How it works

Unleashed connects with Zeald automatically every 5 minutes. It transfers order information, including the products purchased and the customer who made the order.

Unleashed also talks back to Zeald to update the product inventory.

Adding products - When you first setup your Unleashed account you will need to setup all your products. You can "download" all your products from your Zeald website in an "Unleashed friendly" format, which you can then quickly upload to Unleashed to populate your unleashed account.

Product data required for Unleashed is SKU, Title (description) and Cost. Zeald does not hold a cost field for products so it will need to be added through Unleashed interface or via the spreadsheet transfer.

When you come to add new or update existing items you should create them first in Zeald and then add to unleashed, either using the spreadsheet or the Unleashed interface.

Product options - If using options you should use advanced options so you have a unique SKU for each variant. The variants of Simple options do not have unique SKU's

You should never change a variant SKU for a product as it will break  the connection within Unleashed.

Product categorisation - Unleashed provide a category system for products which help you find products and run reports. In Unleashed this is labled "product group" which uses the first "top level category" from Zeald. This can then be changed in unleashed to what ever you like.

Processing orders - If the order is set to "shipped" in the Zeald admin it will be sent through to Unleashed. Unleashed are looking to add an option to set the preferred "order status" in zeald that will send through to unleashed, including "Shipped" "Pending" "Any status"
If the order status is set to "Any" the orders will go through automatically and not require you having to update the status.

Stock - When an order comes in from Zeald the stock is "put aside" within Unleashed, so no one else can order that product

You should never change inventory in Zeald, this should all be done in Unleashed.

Customer information - When an order comes through from Zeald to Unleashed, Unleashed will automatically link it to a customer, or if the customer does not exist, Unleashed will create a new customer. Unleashed use the email address of the customer to link them together.

Customer data, such as Phone address etc will not be updated in Unleashed if it is updated in Zeald

Unleashed allow for just one warehouse at the moment which will be the Ecommerce store, so drop shipping would not work

Connecting to Xero - As soon as an order is completed within Unleashed it is then passed to Xero.


Unleashed costs

Unleashed has a free setup and charges a monthly fee
Check here for up-to-date pricing

Configure and connect
While you can setup your Unleashed account yourself, it is more complicated to configure it and connect it to your Xero account and your Zeald website.
Learn how to setup a Zeald Unleashed integration
We recommended that you work with an unleashed consultant, who will assist you remotely to connect your Zeald website to Unleashed and connect your Unleashed account to Xero. 


Where to from here?

  1. If you have not done so already you should setup your Xero account. It is free and easy to setup a demo account and give it a go. Make sure that it does all you require. - Its free and easy 
  2. Setup a trial Unleashed account - Give it a go and make sure that it does all that our require - Its Free and easy. Learn how to connect your Zeald website to your Unleashed account
  3. Setup a trial VendHQ account and give it a go, make sure that it does all that you require. It is Free and easy
  4. Contact our support team to learn how you can connect to Unleashed. We will hook you up with an Unleashed consultant who will discuss your requirements and ensure that the solution will work for you, and make sure that you understand how it works and that you are aware of any limitations