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Common customisations

If you decide that you do need the customisation, then the cost of the customisation will depend on your requirements.  Because we have customised hundreds of websites, we have found that customisations projects, though all unique, can fall into common categories.  To assist you in getting a feel on how your customisation may fit into the spectrum of possible customisations, we have listed some common customisation requests that we receive below:

Enhance or extend website functionality  
This is the most common customisation request.  We take our existing website functionality and modify or extend it to meet your exact specifications.  Find out more
Custom Form  
A customised 'data capture' form to collect data from website users.  Find out more
Custom Mini Cart  
A customised mini shopping cart that displays a list of all items added to the cart while browsing the site.  Find out more
Custom Search  
The facility to display a list of criteria that website users use to search in a managed way for items listed on your website.  Find out more
Donations Page  
A secure payment page designed for Charities / Not for Profit organisations who take donations from website users.  Find out more
GST Deduction for International Orders  
Ability to display items GST Inclusive for NZ users and GST exclusive for International users.  Find out more
Custom Calculator  
A customised calculator, placed on your website where your website users can enter data, displaying the result of specific calculations.  Find out more
Mobile Website / Mobile Application  
A website or software application specifically targeted at mobile devices.  Find out more
Print this page  
To display a 'Print this Page' icon on a website page or pages.  This are various ways this can be achieved.  Find out more
Product Builder  
Product Builder functionality allows website users to 'build' their own products online from a sub set of options and view a graphical preview of the final product.  Find out more
Previous Order Recall  
A customisation to allow your website customers to recall past orders and add the items in those past orders to their shopping cart.  Find out more
Quote Builder - Request a Quote  
Used for websites which sell complex products or services that cannot simply be purchased. Instead the website user adds items to a 'quote request' and submits the quote request to the website administrator.  Find out more
Combo Products  
The facility to bundle items together and sell on your website as a single item, sometimes referred to as 'kitting'.  This feature is sometimes used to offer a 'free gift' with certain products.  Find out more
Directory Website  
The display of listings, which generally advertise products or services, on your website.  Does not include the facility for users to enter or update their own listings.  Find out more
Listings / Marketplace Website  
The display of listings, which generally advertise products or services, on your website.  Includes the facility for users to enter or update their own listings.  Find out more
Extra Images Product Import  
The facility to import extra images in your excel product importer.  Find out more
Bulk Product Import Spreadsheet Customisation to Import Product Options  
The development of a customised spreadsheet to allow you to enter your product inventory into this spreadsheet and then upload this spreadsheet into your Zeald website.  This is generally commissioned when you have a large number of products to import and your products have options associated with them.  Find out more
Product Synchronisation  
This customisation allows you to 'mirror' some or all of your product inventory on to a second website.  Find out more
PDF product catalogue  
The facility to generate a pdf catalogue of selected website products.  Find out more
Multiple Language Displays  
The facility to display pages on your website in multiple languages.  Find out more
Event Booking System  
A system for companies that run events, and want to promote and take bookings for those events.  Find out more.
Data Integration  
Data Integration is the exchange of data between your Zeald website and another website or software application.  This is commonly used to automate the transfer of data between your accounting system and your Zeald website.  Find out more
Affiliates Module  
An affiliates module allows you to provide links and online promotional material to affiliates, and to track and reward those affiliates for referring your website.  Find out more
Secure Custom Data Display  
The facility to display custom data to authorised website users.  Often used to display a transaction history such as a financial transaction history. Find out more
Articles / Knowledge Base  
The uploading and management of documents and display in a searchable format. Find out more
Subscriptions / Recurring Billing  
The facility to sell subscriptions (e.g. to a magazine, to a gym etc) online and create a secure area that only subscribers can access.  Find out more

Some customisations that we don't do

Below are some customisations that we generally won't take on.  These are mostly large customisations where specialised software exists; we believe your best bet is to purchase specialised software as this software has had many thousands of development hours already 'pre-built' into the product.  Note that there will generally be ways you can use a Zeald website in conjunction with this specialised software.  We may also be able to give you pointers as to what to look for in such software.  Talk to your e-business consultant for more information about this.

Accommodation Booking System / Reservations System  
The facility to display availability of accommodation available and take bookings
Document Management System  
An advanced system for document management, distribution and revision tracking
Business Workflow Solution  
A workflow allows the managed execution of tasks.  A large operation, or project is broken down into smaller tasks that are performed by teams or individuals
Online Business Management System / Company Intranet / Company Extranet / Customer Relations Management System (CRM)  
A business management system or systems that your company uses to conduct its operations
Online Software Development  
The design and development of custom online software
Content Moderation and Revision Control  
Content Moderation allows the website administrator to allow different levels of access control to website editors.  Revision control allows changes made to website content to be tracked and, if desired, rolled back to previous versions.
Interactive Testing / Accreditation Software  
Online software that includes the facility for the administrator to load tests online and for authorised users to take these tests online, and for the administrator to view test results.
Using a non Zeald Content Management System  
From time to time we receive requests to develop a customised system based on a system that is not the Zeald Content Management System.