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Event Module Specifications

A very basic customisation can be applied to address the biggest limitations of the standard e-commerce system when it comes to selling events, as listed below.  Please note that only the following changes would be made, and thus no event management functionality will be present.

Feature Price
Extra Registrants.  The standard e-commerce system does not support purchases for more than one person, or purchasing on behalf of others.  The customisation would add a screen after the cart page allowing the events purchaser to book for other attendees.  Additional attendees entered on this screen will not be added to the database, rather they will be listed on an email sent to the website administrator $1576
Customised Order Confirmation.  The standard purchase receipt is e-commerce based and may not be suitable for events bookings.  The customisation would allow you to create an event order confirmation that was suitable for the various events on sale.  If desired, this notification will be sent to all attendees entered under 'Extra Registrants' $788
Event Full Notification.  The e-commerce system displays 'out of stock' when the inventory of an item reduces to zero.  This message would display a custom 'Sold Out' message instead of 'out of stock'.  In addition there will be the facility for you to mark selected items as 'event' type items, and other necessary logic changes. $591
Total $2955

If you need a more sophisticated events system, then the following customisations could be applied, these would be in addition to the changes listed above

Feature Price
Custom Events Display Grid.  The facility to display a list of events in a certain event category.  This allows you to display selected events within your content pages and gives you a more custom look than the standard e-commerce product grid. $985
Registrants List and wait-listing.  The facility to allow registrants who attempt to register for a full, or almost full event to be placed on a wait-list.  The facility to view a list of attendees registered for an event. $985
Custom Search.  The facility to display events separately to other products when using the site search $985
Events Orders Management. A greater level of sophistication will be applied to the admin area in terms of viewing and managing orders for events and greater flexibility in the sending of booking confirmation emails $985
Total (including basic changes listed in matrix above) $6,895