ZMags (Online Magazine)

Zmags is a “self service” web-based publishing platform that converts traditional print publications and PDF files into interactive digital magazines, catalogues and presentations that engage the reader/ web visitor.

One single application allows you to turn one PDF document (eg brochure or catalogue) into a Zmag for using on your website or in an email newsletter. Each new PDF is a new application.

Zmags is the worldwide leader in online publishing services since the company's founding in 2006.

Please refer to for a more detailed overview of the company itself and the technology they provide.

Technical Specs

On purchasing this product, you will receive a login and password to your ZMags backend application which will allow you to upload and convert your PDF. Documentation and online live chat assistance is provided by Zmags Inc via the ZMags application,not by Zeald

One single application allows the customer to turn one PDF document into a 'Zmag' for their newsletter or website. Each new PDF document is a new application. Discounted rates for purchase of multiple applications 


General Zmags Presentation

This document is a general overview to the Zmags Publicator with live examples.


User Guide to the Publicator

This presentation details in live video chat all questions related to production issues when using the Zmags Publicator.



Key Features

  • Self-service

  • Basic statistics

  • Standard support

  • Basic editing

  • Integration options

  • Search function

  • Google optimized

  • Auto-resolution detection

  • Auto-language detection

  • Crop function

  • Send to a friend function

  • High resolution printing

  • PDF download function

Please Note

The ZMags product is compatible with all Zeald websites.
To purchase this add-on, please visit our online store via the following link: