Reviewing & Tuning Copy

Always review your copy and keep on fine tuning it.  Don’t keep reinventing it, but regularly sharpen it up!  Your copy will be significantly improved by just taking some extra time and care with it.  Edit your copy – if you hesitate when reading a phrase, or if you have to read something twice, re-write it.  Read it out aloud to yourself.  Even writers with very little skill and experience can quickly spot something that doesn’t sound right when it is spoken out loud.  Reading your copy out loud is absolutely vital to creating copy that is highly polished.  If you are under-confident with your ability to write your own copy, investing in having someone who is expert at this style of writing is well worth considering.

Look at your competitors websites and I guarantee you that at least 95%+ (if not 100%) of them will have very poor sales copy and very poor pre-sales content.  In fact, most of them won’t have any at all. Most likely you will see a couple of bland, clichéd paragraphs. What a great opportunity for you!

Sales copy and pre-sales content are two of the most commonly underdone areas on a website.  If you spend some time in this area then your website will immediately outperform the majority of your competitors.

Quite simply, most businesses put little effort into developing their copy and pre-sales content and therefore finish with a mediocre result (at best).  Either they can’t be bothered, or don’t know where to start.  Good copywriting is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration, and if you struggle with writing try speaking into a dictaphone.  This can often be a good way to get the creative juices flowing.  If you work at it, anyone can write good sales copy and good pre-sales content, and if you do I promise you will find that it works!