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Mesh is a middleware application or framework for creating a connection between a ZEST website and different applications via an API.
Mesh is designed to make it fast to build a robust connection to a new API, and process & transform the data to allow different applications to understand one another.

ZEST Product Feeds for Google Shopping & Facebook Marketplace

Google Shopping enables advertisers to display products (titles/images/prices) directly in the Search Engine Results Page. These ads are displayed dynamically when Google determines that a searcher is looking to buy a relevant product, for example, if the searcher includes 'buy' and the relevant product name in their search query.


Facebook Marketplace allows business owners to advertise and sell items to consumers in their local community on Facebook.


The Mesh Product feed allows a client to connect their ZEST Ecommerce website to Google Shopping or Facebook Marketplace and automatically sends through their relevant product information (title/ images/ price). It keeps Google Shopping or Facebook Marketplace product data up-to-date and operational.

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