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How come Google Analytics shows different numbers from my Zeald reports?

How come Google Analytics shows different numbers from my Zeald reports tab?

According to Google:

"Different analytics products may use a variety of methods to collect data about your traffic, so it's normal to see discrepancies between reports created using different products.  But the best way to think of metrics across different analytics programs is to think in terms of trends, as opposed to numbers themselves."

NOTE:  Originally, this was posted in the Analytics help site, but the post was taken down  

Zeald reporting happens server-side and reports hits on our server (which includes robots such as search engines).  Google analytics only reports on browsers with javascript enabled, so it doesn't see things like search engines and as such always reports lower figures.


Zeald vs Google

There are limitations as to how we record our data and there are limitations as to the way Google records their data.  Each approach has positives and negatives. One of the negatives of our approach is it is very difficult for us to tell the difference between a real person, and a robot who pretends to be a real person.

Googles approach isn't perfect though and has many downsides also. Google errs on the side of excluding this data, so doesn't report it - Sometimes this method is more accurate and other times the Zeald method is more accurate.

For more accurate reporting

For more accurate reporting we strongly recommend the use of both systems in parallel. It will of course be more difficult to compare figures between the two systems and we suggest that you should focus on trends as opposed to specific numbers.

We recommend...

You use the Zeald reports for conversion data - this will always be more accurate than Google's; but you should base traffic decisions off Google analytics

Why doesn't Zeald make their reports more accurate?

We could look at making our reports more accurate. With more R&D time we could improve this traffic data & make our detection more accurate. However, the Zeald R&D process is specifically structured so that the investment and resource is focused on features and upgrades that are of the greatest benefit to the majority of our customers. Because Google provides such a comprehensive reporting system for free which anyone can use, upgrading the Zeald reports is a low priority at this stage.

But by all means please use our Suggestion forum to suggest and vote for this feature.