February 2011 - Newsletter

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Happy new year and welcome back! Hope you managed to take some time off around Christmas and enjoyed some good weather. We're back into the swing of things and have a couple of interesting articles for you - one on web trends to look out for in 2011 and the other on why it's really important to identify the best search phrases for your business. We also have a step-by-step guide on how to find them yourself.

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For the full list of topics, check out the contents below and hope you enjoy the read!

Top web predictions for 2011

2010 was an exciting year for the Internet and online marketing. The huge popularity of social media and mobile browsing has completely revolutionised the way people look for information on the Internet. As a result, it has changed the way many businesses use the web to market their products and services.

In 2011, some of the trends predicted in 2010 are expected to continue and grow even further:

  • Video and social media are both expected to play a big role in customer support and driving engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Local search is set to become more prominent with the increasing use of smart phones. Google knows exactly where a user is searching from and is able to return results that are highly targeted.
  • Email marketing will continue to be a strong player in marketing activities and businesses will start experimenting with online advertising on Facebook and Gmail.
For a full list of what's in store, read our blog post on the top web predictions for 2011.

What is keyword analysis and why should you do it?

In the context of your website, 'keywords' are the words or phrases that people are typing into search engines to find products or services. Understanding their language and figuring out exactly what these phrases are can be highly beneficial to setting up a successful PPC (pay per click) campaign and also ranking highly on search engines. The process of identifying your target search phrases is called 'keyword analysis'.

We've put together an article summarising the main reasons why you should spend some time figuring out the right keywords for your website - please have a read.

More importantly, we also have a blog post with a step-by-step guide to finding the keyword phrases - we highly recommend that you give it a try because it will be invaluable to promoting your website online.

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