August 2011 - Newsletter

Brrrrrr, its cold out.......but it sure is fun making history. It's weeks like these we are glad to have an office job :) Hope you are all managing to stay warm.


New homepage design obtains 85% more revenue in split test

Our results team have been working with Bolt of Cloth to improve their website using split testing.

See the amazing results of split testing

Setup your own (free) split test experiment

Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to setup your own experiment using the new Zeald split testing software (Free feature of all Zeald websites except E-profile).

Learn how to set up a Split Test


11 Checks for improving your website

Are all the important pages of your website performing well? Could they be better?
Take our quiz, answer honestly and create a to-do-list.

Take the 11 check website improvement quiz!

We want to help...

Please don't forget we are right here. We have a team experienced in achieving great results for NZ businesses. We can help you with Online Marketing, SEO, Results Consulting and more...Let us help you generate more sales and enquiries with your website.

Please talk to us :)

Fingers crossed for the northerly blast :) Have a great weekend!

The Team at Zeald