Products not displaying in Mesh Google Feed because Availability Date is set to Pre Order

You may have products that are not displaying on your Google Product feed because the availability is displaying as Preorder rather than In Stock

The Google documentation explain when a Product is set to allow Preorder, this means You are currently taking orders for this product, but it’s not yet been released for sale. You are required to provide the availability date [availability_date] attribute to indicate the day that the product becomes available for delivery.

In Mesh, if you set your Inventory type to allow_preorder Mesh will label all products as preorder when the inventory of the product inventory becomes 0 or negative.
Since the products are now labelled as preorder Google expects an availability_date field to be set in the feed

There are several options to resolve this:

  1. If your products are always available then set the inventory type as ignore_inventory in Mesh (Request for a developer to change for you).
  2. Remove the allow_preorder configuration in Mesh, so that Mesh labels them as out of stock when the product has 0 or negative inventory. (Request for a developer to change for you).
  3. Keep the inventory values of your products in Zest positive. (you can bulk update your product inventory using the spreadsheet download/ upload method)
  4. If you would like to offer the ability for customers to pre-order from your Google Product feed, please enquire about a customisation to add an availability date field for your products in Zest and a small addition to Mesh to connect the new field to Google.