New Zealand Map Images

New Zealand Area Maps & Driving Directions

To improve customer Service and build trust and credibility by proving your physical location it is a good idea to publish a printable map with directions for your customers. allows you to find your business location in New Zealand and take a screenshot to include on your website contact us page.

Take care to position your business location on the map to display the most important landmarks in your area such as motorways etc. You can take a screenshot by selecting the "PrintScrn" key on your keyboard. You can then create a new file in your favourite Image editor software, paste in the image from your clipboard, crop your map and resize it ready for use on your website - Don't forget to include the driving directions.

This is a Free service and the maps are not copyright, but we recommend that you reference Zoomin and provide them with a link back to the Zoomin website.

While you are at Zoomin, make sure that you register and put your business on the Zoomin Mapping system....Its a free inbound New Zealand link.

New Zealand Country Maps

The following maps may be used on your website free of charge. If you would like to customise any of these maps, IE change the colours or add different place names, please contact our support team for a quote.


>> To download the images right click on the image and select the "Save as" option from the menu.