April 2010 - Newsletter

Hi guys,

It's that time again, and in this issue we've included some great information about Pay Per Click (PPC), which is an advertising model used on the Internet. PPC is the best way to drum up website visitors and get the most out of your marketing $$ - no matter how small your budget. We've also included a section on the latest R&D developments at Zeald, so you can see what we're doing behind the scenes to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your website.

Hope you enjoy the read!

10 reasons why you should commit to PPC

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a form of internet advertising where you pay the provider only when someone clicks on your ad. This makes it one of the most cost effective and profitable channels for advertising and marketing an online business.

If you are a small to medium size business, advertising in newspapers or radio can be very expensive and also very hard to measure the return on your investment. While they are still good to build your branding, the real results come from something that is targeted, highly measurable and also offers great control – which is exactly what PPC can do for your business. 

Find out how PPC works and why you should commit to PPC.

Google Adwords offer

As you can see, we are very passionate about PPC because we genuinely believe that it's the best way to get instant results from your website. So please don't see this as 'just another sales pitch' but you should know that we also offer PPC service if you'd like some help with it, and likewise there are other agencies out there that offer this service as well - please feel free to investigate. If you have the time to set up the campaign yourself, that's fantastic, we encourage you to get started even if it is with a small campaign to see the kind of results you get from it.

Of course we think that we would do a great job at setting up a PPC campaign for your website but we want you to make that call. Since we run and manage a few campaigns like these, Google has given us 40 vouchers for $125 worth of Google Adwords to give to anyone new that signs up to our PPC services. 

But like we said earlier, it's more important that you give this a go even if you do it yourself, so sign up with Google Adwords to get started.

Making of iconic Kiwi brand, Mr Vintage

Mr Vintage started as a small E-Commerce business selling T-shirts on Trade Me, and within 5 short years, it has become a full fledged successful enterprise which attracts more than 65,000 website visitors in a month - and not to mention a huge following on social media networks.

Read about how 28-year-old Rob Ewan turned his vision into a massive success.


Improvements to your website: The Zeald R&D process

You might not be aware, but a portion of the monthly fees you pay goes towards making continuous improvements to the Zeald Website Manager software and support systems so you can manage your website with ease. To make this happen, we have a dedicated R&D team and a comprehensive process in place which allows the team to identify exactly what to prioritise when it comes to updates. Find out how it works behind the scenes.

The team is also always on the look out for any bugs that might crop up so they can be fixed as quickly as possible and with the least amount of disruption to your business. From now on, we'll include a regular section in these newsletters letting you know what changes we've been making.

Most recently, we've been working with one of New Zealand's top SEO specialists Michael Brandon to make our products more SEO friendly. Now you can duplicate the content or have duplicate pages on your website if you need to, without influencing your search ranking - where as before you'd have to delete all duplicate pages because Google and other search engines didn't really want duplicate content appearing in the search results.

To go through the complete list of what we've been working on, visit our 'What's New' page in the Learning Centre.

We hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any feedback for us, don't forget to post it on our Learning Centre - we love hearing from you! And don't forget to check out our Friends & Supporters Club!

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The Team at Zeald