June 2011 - Newsletter

Hi guys,

Hope you've had a great few weeks since our last update. This time round we're taking a look at mobile websites.

We also wanted to let you know about the NetGuide Web Awards - the voting is now open and we encourage you to enter your website in the Awards and while you are there vote for Zeald in the category 'Best Web Developer'.

Mobile Websites - A waste of time for small business

Without a doubt, one of the biggest trends in the online space at the moment is the rise of the use of mobile devices to browse the internet.

In an increasingly mobile world, it can be very easy to feel convinced that your business needs a mobile-specific site.

Learn why mobile websites are a waste of time

Is your website designed to work well on mobile devices?

Make sure that users who visit your website with an iPhone or similar mobile device will be able to browse it easily and find the information they want.

We'd like to explain some ways you can make it easy to browse your website on mobile devices.

Learn about setting up your website for mobile

Vibe - 2011

GRA brings you Vibe 2011- an event designed to spark a deep and profound change in your future...for the better!

Crown Plaza Hotel in Auckland, Saturday 13th August 2011. Find out more!

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