Google Tag Manager Setup Guide

Google tag manager gives you the power to add & edit website tags like Google Analytics, Event Tracking or Adwords Tracking code without needing to customize your Zeald website.

The best option for the majority of users is still to set up tags like Google Analytics through your Zeald website. However, if you desire extra control and are comfortable managing your own tags then switching to Tag manager is a good option.

NOTE: Google Tag Manager is a 3rd party application by Google built for managing a range of 3rd party codes. While we can offer support with getting your tag manager account connected to your Zeald website, you will be responsible for setting up and managing your own tags. 

Before you get started, you will need to create a tag manager account

Connecting your tag manager account to your Zeald website

1. Before you get started, make sure you have set up your tag manager account and have your Google Tag Manager ID handy (it should look like GTM-XXXXXX)

2. From the back-end of your Zeald website click on the PREFERENCES tab and then open the Experimental Features dropdown. 


3. Change "Enable Google Tag Manager" to "YES"


4. Still under PREFERENCES, click on the Content dropdown and add your tag ID to the field labelled "Google Tag Manager ID". The rest of the tag manager code will be automatically added, all you need to add is the ID. tag-manager1

5. If you are going to be adding Google Analytics to your tag manager account, delete the Google Analytics Account Code from the Zeald settings page
6. Your Tag manager account is now connected with your Zeald website. Google provide help adding tags or setting up Google Analytics via Tag Manager.