The reports section of the website manager provides a summary of the data we collect to help you measure the performance of you website.
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Dashboard - Goals & Visitors

When you first login to your Zeald website, you are presented with a the website dashboard. This provides a summary of both your goals and the visitors.

Goals are the objectives that you would like your visitors to achieve with your website, for example orders, enquiries etc. Promotion is how well your website is attracting visitors. Ideally you should work on both your goals and the promotion of your website at the same time.


The success metrics on your dashboard will give you an idea of the number of visitors, number of enquiries and number of online sales. It will also calculate the conversion rate. Conversion rate is calculated by using the number of people that have bought something from your website or made an enquiry and the total number of visits you have had.

Ecommerce - online sales

Using the Zeald reports, you can drill into the number of orders under the Order report. This allows you to compare the number of orders you receive each month. This will show you seasonal trends and it should show a steady incline as both your conversion rate improves and the website visitors increase.


The Item report tells you which items you are selling the most of and also making the most revenue through. This report will give you some great insights into the items that your clients are most interested in. Chances are the top items are the ones that are easy for customers to find and are the most sought after. It might be a good idea to focus more attention on these items to maximise revenue, or it might be best to focus on an item that you obtain the greatest margin and promote it to make it easier for users to find.

We have plenty of great ideas for improving conversion rate in our Tips to improve checklist


Visitor report

The Visitor summary report tells you how effective your marketing efforts are. Specifically how many visitors the website is receiving. It provides a comparison of your traffic over time and an insight of seasonal trends. It also tells you where the traffic has come from and what your visitors are doing when they arrive at your website.

For most people this summary is all that you need to help you make informed decisions to optimise your website. If you would like to see more you can drill into each section of the summary by clicking the full report link.

  • Find out How many and When your visitors are visiting your website
  • Find out Where your visitors are coming from
  • Find out Who your visitors are
  • Find out What your visitors do when they visit your website


If you would like an even more detailed report, you should use Google Analytics
We have plenty of great ideas for improving traffic and conversion rate in our Tips to improve checklist