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Build trust and credibility; prove that your products, your service, your website is 100% New Zealand.


What does it cost to register as a 100% NZ business?
Nothing - It's 100% free.

How It Works
100% NZ is set up as an honesty system - anyone who honestly knows they qualify can register. The users of that site then become their judge and jury so to speak. If that site is found to be incorrectly registered, they can easily be reported and permanently black listed on the 100% NZ list if the report is confirmed.

Mechanically it works like this
1. A manager registers their site on the 100% NZ service.
2. The manager collects their unique 100% NZ banner code and places it anywhere on their site which will display the banner.
3. Visitors to the site click on the banner to verify their site.
4. A pop up page verifies the site on the 100% NZ system. (This is where the user can also report the site as being incorrectly registered.)
5. The user continues their purchase or use of sites services confidently knowing the site they're supporting is 100% NZ.

What happens when a site is black-listed?
A site will be black-listed if it is found to have knowingly registered itself as being 100% New Zealand owned and operated, when it in fact is not. The guilty URL will be added to a black list, and will not be able to re-register on the system. If they continue to display their 100% NZ banner, their validation page will clearly state that they have been black-listed on the system.

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