May 2012 - Newsletter

You may have heard about companies losing their Facebook Page because they broke the rules of the social media giant; don't be fooled that it can't or won't happen to you. Being on the other side of the world won't mean you'll slip under Facebook's radar. In this issue we look at two New Zealand companies that lost their Facebook Page and what rules they broke that landed them in hot water - you may be guilty of breaking them yourself!

Facebook Rule Breakers - Are You Guilty?Facebook


If your company is on Facebook, make sure you do your homework and abide by their ever-changing page rules; or you could be severely punished for failing to do so. Just ask kiwi brands Velvet Burger and Hell Pizza.

Read the fine print on Facebook...


Subject Lines - The Key to Email Marketing Successemail subject


Email marketing is a great cost-effective way to get your message out to your clients. But there is no point in spending time building a database, creating a special offer or filling your newsletter with enticing pieces of information if no one reads your message.

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Set Goals and Discover Your Leadstips and tricks

If one of the objectives of your website is to generate leads or enquiries then it's important that you start measuring how many people are clicking on to the "Contact Us". You can then track this number and work on ways to improve it.

Tips to measure "contact us" page loads...

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